Gecko Optical offer a range of benchtop autoclaves in both N and B&S class models. Australian TGA approved. Our bench top autoclaves are ideal for the sterilisation and sanitisation of medical and laboratory instruments. We are one of Australias leading suppliers of autoclave and sterilization equipment for the following industries: Dental Surgeries, Tattoo & Body Piercers, Podiatry, Hospitals, Veterinary Practices, Medical Practices.Sterilization is the elimination of bacteria, prions, viruses, and all transmissible agents from a surface from instruments. Disinfection on the other hand, is where only microorganism are being removed.
Autoclaves and sterilizers equipment is our specialty.
Dentists and Medical doctors are required to sterilize their instruments before usage on humans.
Autoclave is a requirement before anyone can even get a license to open a tattoo shop.
Recommended Autoclave Class for the following professions:

  • CLASS B: Dental/Specialist’s and any profession that use Hollow instruments.
  • CLASS S: Doctors Surgeries, Podiatrist, Tattoo & Body Piercers, or any other health profession dealing with
    humans, and SOLID instruments.
  • Class N: Veterinary Pratices.

How do autoclaves work?

Autoclaves work on the principle of removing air from the environment and heating the material to 134 degrees Celsius. Steam replaces the air inside the autoclave, and it is forced around the utensils to reach sterilization. This process is similar to the process used in pressure cooking.

In stand-alone autoclave machines, the door will remain locked during the autoclave cycle to ensure sterility and minimize human error or injury. Since autoclaves work by producing high-pressure steam, it’s important to avoid burns and scalding. Autoclaves often run through two to three cycles for up to 30 minutes to ensure that materials are sufficiently clean.

Maintaining Sterilization

After an autoclave cycle, materials must be handled with care to avoid contamination by other surfaces. This includes minimizing air contact, handling with gloves, and placing the instruments on sterilized towels or in sterile wrappers.

Melag S Class Autoclave EuroKlav 23VS

With the Euroklav – autoclaves, MELAG offers a cost-effective autoclave. The Euroklav – autoclaves fulfil the strict stipulations of the “Class S” according the European Standard EN 13060, and are designed for applications in doctors‘ practices in which the instruments used and the types of instrument wrapping do not require “Class B” autoclaves. The MELAG Euroklav – autoclaves are high-tech autoclaves which have been examined by an accredited testing laboratory. The Euroklav VS+ is thereby suited for the sterilization of wrapped, simple hollow instruments of the type “Hollow B” (according to the definition in EN 13060) and small quantities of textiles, also wrapped.

Melag Class S Autoclave EuroKlav 23VS



Delivery $100.00


Runyes 8 Litre Autoclave Class S

Steriliser conforms to prEN 10360 / 2 / 4 CE compliant.

Australian TGA approved. Operational in accordance with Australian standard AS/NZ 4815-2006. A pre and post vacuum Class S autoclave that is intended for the sterilisation of unwrapped and wrapped solid items.

Hollow items type ‘B’

Installed with BOWIE DICK and LEAK tests.

Unit has fast sterilisation times and is extremely quiet.

Comes complete with printer, chamber rack and trays.


Runyes 8 Litre Autoclave S Class



Delivery $100.00


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